The Demo Lounge

  1. For Retailers.
    Link products from your virtual tour (VT) to your – or our online shop. Search the lounge for the two vases and click! In our example you’ll be taken to the product decription page on the AR360 website. Add the vases to your cart and then checkout. (Beware: This is a live shopping portal. Please NOT proceed to payment. The vases are NOT for sale).
    This option on your VT is primarily designed for small boutique retailers who want to promote one or several products in their actual shop. It is NOT designed for extensive numbers of items. If you are already selling online and have your own ecommerce platform, we will add the product link to your web page. Otherwise, you’re welcome to create an account with us and use our shopping facility to break into online sales.
    We recommend using the ‘click and collect’ payment method, which reserves the products ready for your customers to collect in person which.. adds to your footfall and provides additional opportunity to over-sell.
  2. The Video Link.
    On entering the lounge, look to the TV screen and click to play the short demo clip. In your case, you can play an advert or any suitable film clip that promotes your business, with or without audio.
    Videos can have controls (stop/start/replay etc), and can even link out to external web pages. The possibilities are endless!
  3. E-Learning.
    For this demo, click on the floating red text. Our example is a simple question/answer test with a score panel at the end but, there is far more to this amazing module. With the use of hidden hotspots, pop-up info blocks and the ability to build detailed quiz-trees, we can create fun ‘treasure hunts’ to full e-learning testing environments. Please contact us to discuss any ideas and possibilities. There is simply too much to say about this module to cover in brief.