The 360 immersive media revolution has transformed how we absorb
online content. Its ability to engage users over multiple platforms
has ensured its place as an essential and highly effective online marketing tool.

360 Photography

360 Virtual Tours

Drone Photography

DSLR+ Fisheye & dedicated
360 camera options
HDRI, focus stacking & Gigapixel.

Created for Website
supplied for Google
social media & flash drive

Static 360 imagery
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drone pilot compliant

Please be advised, AR360LTD are not licensed for commercial Drone operation. For such inclusion we hire an external licensed and insured drone operator.

360 Virtual Tours & Drones

All Round 360 Limited

The 360 immersive media revolution has
transformed how we absorb online content.
Its ability to engage users over multiple platforms
has ensured its place as an essential
and highly effective online marketing tool.

360 Photography

360 Virtual Tours

Drone Photography


AR360º virtual tours are created with additional functionality to be embedded into your company website, offering unparalleled access to your location. Your tour can be published to Google Maps, Street View, Google My Business, Google Search and other Google products.

Virtual tours can be posted to Facebook and YouTube or loaded onto flash drives and used as a stand alone file. All virtual tours are viewable across devices from desktop, tablet to mobile.

Websites with virtual tours retain visitors for between 5 – 10 times longer than those without.

Virtual tours engage visitors, showcase your location, products and services and help potential customers remember you.

It starts with professional photography..

Create a panorama..

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All Round 360º virtual tours offer
unparalleled access to your location.

Information-rich web content with so much more to offer inc:
Guided Tours | Video on Demand | Deep Linking


Google’s search engine criteria is determined by algorithms created by the brightest minds but in simple terms, the publication of information-rich content is acknowledged and rewarded.

Virtual tours fulfill the criteria for perfect digital content, being unique to your brand, interactive and compelling, with a proven return on investment (ROI).
Information-rich content that engages visitors, enhances Google rank, lowers bounce rates, encourages shares, likes and subscribers and makes your business stand out from the rest.

360º photography is not a new concept but in recent years has developed a new purpose with the advent of interactive digital media. Creative agencies and business owners looking to attract customers online have recognised the positive difference a virtual tour makes to visitor retention rates, sales and bookings.

360º virtual tours are an engaging, innovative and essential marketing tool for those looking to get ahead of the competition.

Enhance your virtual tour with additional functionality. Within a tour, it is possible to place custom menus, hotspots, pop ups and video.. links to products, to your ecommerce, to download your brochure, watch a video clip from an actual screen within your tour.. it’s all possible and completely amazing!

AR360º Limited

Hotspots, links and embedded video make a tour come alive. If your location showcases your products you may wish to add popups with product descriptions or links to each product in your ecommerce site.. or download a brochure or video describing a product or service and more. These additional functions make a fantastic addition to an already engaging experience for visitors to your website*
Additional functionality is a separate cost added to post-production.
*Please remember Google, Facebook and YouTube do not support additional functionality.
To create a 360° image, photographs are taken at a set point within a room covering a full 360°. These images are stitched together to create one ‘all round view’ of the room.
Producing the 360° virtual tour is the subsequent linking of two of more ‘all round views’ of adjoining rooms thus allowing viewers to enjoy a virtual walk through of the location.
Customers receive their virtual tour file ready to host on their website. Integration to website is simple and we’re always on hand to help. Virtual tours with pop ups and additional fuctionality are specifically designed for website or offline use.
Your tour can also be loaded onto e.g. flash drives or played offline as part of a presentation.
Unless otherwise advised, your tour is automatically added to Google. Please be aware Google strips out additional functionality and presents virtual tours as locations in Google Street View, whilst Facebook and Youtube present tours in a movie format, allowing the audience to look around while automatically taking them from spot to spot.
We automatically upload your tour to Google unless otherwise instructed as the benefits of doing are very real.
If your tour contains additional functionality e.g. product pop ups, hotspots, video etc, that are visible when viewing your tour from your website, please be aware Google doesn’t support these items and presents your tour as part of their Street View experience.
Facebook and YouTube present virtual tours in a ‘movie’ format which automatically moves from spot to spot, enabling visitors to look around along the way. We recommend Facebook but linking back to your website, enabling visitors to experience your whole tour (including any additional functionality) whilst generating activity for your website.
Canon DSLRs + Canon 8-15mm fisheye lenses
Ricoh Theta Z1. (utilising dual fisheye)
All Round 360° Limited use DSLR cameras coupled with fisheye lenses as well as dedicated 360° cameras. Both produce excellent results and both have specific advantages over the other.
Demand for 360° content has ballooned and the latest dedicated 360° cameras are capable of dramatically reducing workflow so reducing the cost of production without compromising photographic quality ‘except in certain or specific instances’.
Most people don’t notice any difference between tour photography taken on either camera type as they both produce excellent results.
We say that;
If the primary purpose of your tour is to showcase your location and present your business on Google, a dedicated 360° (Ricoh Z1) is the ideal choice.
Where the purpose of your virtual tour is geared to presenting products and items within your location, we recommend a DSLR.
We’ll discuss what you’re hoping to gain from your proposed tour, prior to booking confirmation and recommend the best way forward.
All images pass through Adobe Lightroom and/or Adobe Photoshop in post-production. We remove the nadir, adjust the exposures and correct any stitching errors. Where possible we remove obvious stains from carpets or marks from walls. Subject to cost we can do many things with photoshop to enhance your location, without compromising its validity.
To ensure your location looks its best we recommend clearing unnecessary clutter or waste prior to our arrival.
Specialist photographic work.
High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRi) – (Bracketing): HDRi photography is especially useful in situations where under or over exposure is likely. Bracketed shots capture the same image with different exposure settings, allowing the best exposed areas of each image to merge into one correctly exposed imaged.
Shooting two or more shots of the same image – changing exposure level each time then combining the images in post-production to achieve the best exposure combination.  Possible with DSLR and 360° cameras.
Focus Stacking: An example where the picture has detail to capture in the foreground and background. Process of shooting the same shot two or more times whilst focussing separately on the foreground and background, then combining the images in post-production to produce an image in focus from front to back. DSLR only.
Gigapixel: used to create large panoramic image by shooting scene in rows and columns then joining (stitching) the individual images to produce one large image. DSLR only

Whilst providing you with a file of your virtual tour, we retain the original photographs. So, when you decide to refurbish a room, we’ll call around with camera,  add your newly refurbished room to the existing tour and you’re instantly up-to-date.

Great for Facebook marketing, engagement and brand building. Quote ‘COMP’ to us and we’ll reveal what’s possible. Engagement levels through the roof!


AR360 Ltd virtual tours are costed in four parts:

1.  A fixed price fee for the day of shoot, based on a half or full day.
Half or full days are agreed prior to booking confirmation and determined by the number of rooms (camera points) you need to include in your tour and the camera type used. Our terms and £ rates are provided immediately on point of enquiry via email or telephone.

2.  Camera type.
Camera selection has a direct bearing on cost. A dedicated 360 camera dramatically reduces workflow on the day of shoot and also in post-production. Day of shoot and post-production costs are reduced overall by around 15%.

3.  Post-production.
Post-production is charged per camera point e.g. number of 360 panos (5 rooms, 1 pano per room, 5 camera points). Post-production includes the creation of your virtual tour, uploaded to Google and supplied to you by file once approved.

4.  Additional functionalities.
Pop ups, hotspots, links and video are separate to the above and costed on a per job basis once we know the extent of your requirement.

Travel is charged at £0.45 ppm, parking and/or tolls at cost.
We take a booking confirmation deposit of £250. Please see our terms and conditions.

From selecting the right equipment for the job to advising how best to use your tour to boost bookings and sales, to future edits and mini-updates, We’re here to help and want your virtual tour to exceed expectations.

Secure your booking here (directed to PayPal)

Recommended pre-shoot preparation

In order for your virtual tour to showcase your location to best advantage, it makes sense to plan ahead.

Take care to prepare the rooms/areas to be photographed.. as neat and tidy as possible. We can eliminate marks and stains on walls and furniture but editing out overflowing waste bins and ‘tidying’ desks & bookshelves in Photoshop simply adds to the post-production process and cost.

Think about and select the rooms/areas you want included in your tour e.g. the staff canteen or toilet area probably won’t be of interest to your audience.

Try to choose a day and time you know will be quiet or book us when closed to customers. We are extremely flexible in meeting your needs and would rather work around your quiet schedule than have images spoiled with blurred images of staff or customers moving around.

Apart from the above, just contact us to book an appointment or talk through any additional queries. we look forward to hearing from you!

Telephone: 07774 166 779 or 0796 194 7675

About Us

AR360 are based in Reading, Berkshire where we benefit from a 22min rail link to London Paddington and the epicentre of our growing client base, though we’re increasingly travelling west, visiting Bristol, South Wales and the south coast.

We  regularly travel to the Cote d’Azur and southern Spain, servicing holiday rentals, hotels, golf courses and a super-yacht!

What to Expect.

We travel light, requiring no more than a camera, tripod and/or aerial drone and laptop.

You will have completed the image inventory and confirmed your requirements to enable us to create each panorama or flyover accordingly. Each room/area will be made presentable and ‘camera-ready’.

Almost all medium-sized tours are photographed within one day, with processing time entirely dependent on the number of panoramas and additions required.

We often publish single panorama ‘tours’ on-site and within the hour, whilst large (50 pano +) or multi-tours can take several weeks to perfect.

Each tour we produce ultimately points back to us so we will not look to publish tours unless or until we are satisfied they will adequately represent your business and ours.